quarta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2009

no tittle or title

what else can i say?
I wanted to post pictures of my projects, but i would have to charge the batteries of the camera..and wait!!! like i would do that!!pfft

No really, today i feel..hmm..I made a oversized dress/top with some blue fabric i had around the house..i usually don't use patterns so i do the clothes at the same time i think about what to do..sometimes it turns out cool, sometimes it's better not talk about it. Today, I have to say, was a yes day..i'm really glad, this dress/top gave me a lot of troubles. I wanted something strange (well, i always do, but..), and big, and versatile..i dig that right now. And i couldn't understand how the top half could be done..after losing a lot of hair over it, finally i managed to do it..i think it ended up very satisfactory..hehe.. iamthediygodess, not really.
i'm just a loser who loves clothes and fabric, i love fabric and wool, and not just like friends..love love..really really like...

maybe sometime this week i might post the damn pictures..

no title

domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009

so..what to say? what to say?

i'm to tired to write something with any kind of sense

i need a life, really
i need one!! right now i am making this face, if only i could be seen, i am trying really hard to look maybe not crazy, but mad, mad crazy, i guess..about the weirdness that i have around me...i don´t get people. I used to think that i was, oh so great! doing so, but no...I don't get people..I don´t even get how to write people..think God for the thing that does the word correction...
my job or lack of it, doesn't help..so much stupid people around each other should be forbidden.. I guess it's my fault..Everywhere i go (this remindes me of a song, I always remember the stupidest songs..GOD!!almost screeming for mercy here.)if i have to work or study with people around, they end up being really stupid and awful, my boyfriend says it's a curse and that he's glad i wasn´t in any of his classes...i know, so sweet and romantic..

Moving on, my mp3 player it's sick, kind of dead actually and i hate to not being able to listen to music all day, my town it's great (one of the only times i can say this, it's so sad..)to walk and i used to walk earing music..now i just walk..

I saw 2012 last night..i liked the special effects, not so much the talking part..it was funny..i though the California senator part interesting..it annoyed me that before something happened you would ear someone say something really cliché, like "..everything it's ok now, no need to worry.." and bam!!.. earth starts to shake!!
The part where the mother and ex-wife after her new husband died, started to kiss and hug john cusack, was just creepy..I mean..your husband or boyfriend dies and you all of a sudden start to love another guy...maybe it was the weather..

Talking about weather i read this book where the guy would be aroused buy talking with the chick he wanted to fuck, about the weather..I can see that happen with my boyfriend..or anyone..yeah, right?
The book was hmmm, not my favorite, had funny parts, but not to be memorable...

I am going to read another one like that now, but this one has witches..i think, i didn't get to that part..not yet...

song of the day: "mãe querida"-"dear mother", from various "artists"- a big hit in here when i was a child...i don't know how i was able to live until now...
i have to think my friend for doing this to me, making me think about an ugly UGLY song during all day..thank you, you man whore!