quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

earing Akeboshi like an addict

So..I really should stop procatinating (not shore if it's written like this..moving on)...i am fucking lazy, and i feel frustrated like hell 'cuz my sort of job, sucks..and i wanted to continue studying, but i can't chose something..i like too many things at the same time..i already have a college degree (yap, that old)), but i feel i need something more...

i like Akeboshi, the singer..his english is quite confusing sometimes, because he has a strong japanese accent, but i like the feeling his songs give me..does it make any sense? if not, sorry..i am "saying" sorry to the one person that's going to read this..that's sad...jesus...

cultivate your anger..it's one of the verses..from WIND
don't try to look so wise..it's like he's talking to me..i feel kinda of naked...

shit, i did it again..
i really should stop complaining
move your ass..this is me, to myself

depression it's a bitch..i'm in a good day, no..really..i am

i have enormus feet and i love shoes..that's a problem

liked avatar, loved 500 days of summer, adore paper hearts

want to see Agora
something about woman being killed by ignorant people, attracts me..it's like when you love to feel pain..you like the bad side..i like that..am i weird?

i forgot my password, i do that a lot..shit

see you later, bitch
sorry..couldn't help it..i said i wasn't nice
talking about that, today i talked for the 2 time to a girl/woman, that i don't think i really like..she has a lot of prejudice..she said that the chinese have nippon eyes...she truly believed that..it's sad, the ignorance..i mean..


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