quarta-feira, 14 de abril de 2010

aftas na boca..rrrrr

So boyfriend, how everything it's going with you? By the time you read this, maybe we have already shared new stuff since.. right now..you're on the kitchen doing the dishes in a very manly way, don't worry...just kidding, you know if you don't do it i will not do it, sooo...i'm sorry, did i tell that i love you?

So i have aftas, to lazy to look for the word in english. It's like having pain (!!) in your mouth, i can't eat some kinds of aliments 'cause it could make it worse..this phrase doesn't sound right..hmmm
But it sucks..i can't eat apples because they are to acid...WHY????MY GOD!!IT'S BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE IN YOU, ISN'T? YOU STUPID CUNT!!!!!
Ok, now that i have offended part of the world, lets "talk" about the important stuff...eh eh eh..

what to say, what to say...hmmm..Bleach, the manga it's starting to get annoying, AGAIN!It was cool for a while, not cool as the beginning cool, but cool..now, only if the mangaka decides to do something different, because all i see for the next weeks it's fighting stripes...we get it, they are able to use their swords (don't ask me to write the name down, i don't seem able to memorize it, just like Rukia's bother name), but please can they do other stuff? PLEASE?

At work we are now forbidden of bringing a laptop, because some people used to watch movies and series on it, while working...My job is very boring, most of the time we look at walls, so i always bring a book or two, or my knitting/crochet kit. The problem: most of my books are ebooks, and i don't have an e-reader (because it's to expensive, why???do we need to go there again, GOD?)so i use my beautiful laptop..or used to use..this makes me angry, who goes to a museum watch House M.D.? Apperantly my stupid co-workers...stupid people...

I need ideas for new books, not from you BOY...TSK TSK... i know about your book "ideas" and i'm not reading Harry Potter...it's boring..i much prefer romance...i know it's very lady like, but i like it...even if the guys couldn't possibly exist...

why do ""fashion blogs" are starting to annoy me? maybe because they are just like the rest of the fashion industry?...i know we have to make a living, but first: it's starting to look like a contest between bloggers, trying to look more in, then the others...and second, why do you give so much money for brands? almost every blog i follow starts with people that are interested in fashion, inspiration, original, using things around you in a creative way..they start to get gifts from the designer and suddently , everyone wants this designer clothes, and that designer shoes..c'mon???? can't you see you are doing the same thing as the people YOU think that don't know a thing about fashion? You are going to buy clothes in a store where everybody goes, but instead of paying 5$, you pay 500$...it's sad..i'm sorry..
..not really, you deserve for being so stupid...

today i'm not even in bad humour...
listening to OST du filme : "Les choristes", because i saw the film the other day...

...earing little kids singing in a chorus just reminds me of the beauty of life and love, and the love the priests have been showing for little children...ai ai

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